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Buccaneer-Skettel Concerto !!LINK!!

Mi dear, de skettel syndrome dun ya bad, bad. Dem hav one $10.00 bax juice weh dem caal skettel juice an the boot dem weh hav de big eel, dem caal dem skettel boot. Dem also hav som bag juice weh dem caal maitie juice. Nuff tings a gwaan dun ya. Is olgle one set a people dem caal skettel an yu can know dem fram de way dem dress, no amount a tank tap and tights, skettel boot an nuff beed, an nuff make up. Dem also luv de frill, an the seaquin, all day time dem wear dem. Mi chile de excitement dun ya, a suppose yu hear the skettel concerto, in D minor by Buccaneer. Catch yu later, walk good mi chile.

Buccaneer-Skettel Concerto



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