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Menyoo GTA 5 PC Mods: How to Enhance Your Gaming Experience with the Best Trainer

hey guys, there is a simple trainer and menyoo, I just updated the scripthook, but now for some reason the game crashes somewhere in the second picture while loading a single mode, no errors are given, what could be the problem?

@Erwin_Nemets We just can hope for a good samaritane's good action which has downloaded the source code to update it. Because it's creator has discontinued its updates permanently. Unfortunatelly, Menyoo is a forsaken and dead mod for its creator.

download menyoo gta 5

Download File:

Sucks to hear the mod's dead, but anyone have the solution to the probably over-cried F8 mod? Got the latest of both hooks (V and dotnet) and of menyoo, tried all sorts of combinations of which files to put in and which to exclude, cried a bit, wondered if making butch haircuts for fem peds was worth the four hours I spent, checked my firewall because I heard antivirus was an issue. All roads led to dead ends and deep-gutted regret. I just want to see if my hair experiment worked...

Please i need your help, i know this is not too much related to this but tell me here please, do you have gta 5 dlc vehicles? because I don't have them, they don't even disappear, they aren't even offered there at spawn in menyoo, I tried with trainerV but it's also impossible to spawn, if you have online vehicles tell me how to have them.

@TheMurderousCricket mine last issue after update in end of the last year was that my vehicles was autorepairing with vehicle god mod turned off after that I seen a lot different issues from people in forum caused by menyoo

Clicked on "Menyoo customs" and spawned all vehicles in the menu "emergency". All worked. Not sure which version im actually using. I think im using an old (1.0.0) one. The very first from 21. February 2019

This is an older problem I see. I'm new to adding mods to GTA V so I watched a few instruction vids for help. Didn't work. I just re-downloaded GTA so it should be latest. Using steam have OpenIV installed (and don't know how to use yet) Have the MeyooSP DLL's and ASI as well as BIN folder. F8 still brings up nothing. All above files/folders are in game main folder. I also have latest ScripthookV (1.021890). Also in game directory. Thanks tp Reacon (moderator) for the link on how to post also.

I don't use the regular Steam path as I don't want games files on the same drive as my OS.Having said, that your ScriptHook, dinput8.dll, and Menyoo.asi files should be in the same folder as GTA5.exe. The menyooStuff folder should be there as well. Leave the menyooStuff files in that folder.

hi I am having the same problem with F8 not working.I purchased GTA5 on steam last night and downloaded the menyoo files and followed the instructions. I have have never had mods before so don't know if I have done it right or if there's something simple I need to do to get it working.

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Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod] v1.0.1 for GTA 5. Before you great trainer for the game, which will be very useful to every player who loves a good fun in the game. In addition to standard functions with the help of this trainer you can download additional scripts and mods created specifically for this mod. Also has an interesting built-in scenarios such as meteor shower or total destruction of the city. Will not be bored! To open trainer, click "F8", and to navigate use the arrows and press "Enter" and "Backspace". To free download Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod] v1.0.1 for GTA 5 simply go on the link which located at the bottom.

Unlike other similar mods, such as Simple Trainer, GTA V Menyoo PC Mod works for GTA V Online. Although, the cheats you can use are limited. More than that, you can also download map add-ons and load them with menyoo. However, the author has not updated the app since 2019.

You just need to download the .zip file from that GitHub. It is not recommended to download this trainer from other sites since they're often outdated or could include unwanted malware. Besides that, it is worth noting that this modification can have stuff apart from cars.

From this Just select the file called "" at the end of the page. Installation is the same as the other versions of Menyoo, drag & drop Menyoostuff (unless you already have it otherwise your settings and everything that you've saved will be erased) and menyoo.asi

Before installing Menyoo trainer, there are some prerequisite files that you need to download and install on your PC. Once we are done dealing with the prerequisites, we will head straight to Menyoo trainer and downloading process.

Step 2: Clicking on Download Button will take you to the next page where you will have to click on ScriptHookVDotNet.Zip to download the file. Click on Save File if prompted.

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