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Webpack 5 Ninja (2022) - Build Micro Frontend A...

I have been looking into micro frontend architecture for some time and I think true micro front architecture is the one which does not require host application to know about remote modules during build time or have any reference to any of the remote modules in its configuration.

Webpack 5 Ninja (2022) - Build Micro Frontend a...

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As you can imagine, this also represents a huge step forward when it comes to releasing new features. The cause is that our development process had improved a lot, and the main reason is that building small micro frontends is faster and easier compared to large monolith software. Consequently, also your deployment time will improve significantly. In fact, whenever a team finishes working on a feature, they can deploy it online without having to wait.

The goal is to have a shared fragment of HTML, CSS and JavaScript that can be reused among every application. It has to be used in different technical stacks, should look and feel the same and be independently deployable. So the idea was to build a microfrontend for the app shell, that can be integrated into existing front-ends. Sounds easy? 041b061a72


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