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Robert Baker
Robert Baker

Alias Qartulad Download: 10 სოუ, 10 სოო, 10 2022

After retiring, the Nelsons hire smuggler Jared Stevens to recover the helmet, amulet, and cloak from an Egyptian tomb. When the Nelsons try to collect the artifacts, they are murdered by two demons. During the battle, Jared attempts to use the amulet as a weapon, which then explodes and imbues him with various magical abilities and a red ankh-shaped scar over his right eye. Jared's injuries force him to use the cloak as a wrap for his right arm and to melt the helmet into a set of ankh-shaped darts and a dagger for use as weapons. After defeating the demons, Jared is contacted by Nabu, who attempts to make Jared the new Doctor Fate. Jared refuses and escapes, becoming a demon hunter using the alias "Fate". During his battles, he teams up with the supernaturally powered team of fugitives Scare Tactics, Etrigan the Demon and other forces to combat threats from the realm of Gemworld.[citation needed] Jared is later murdered by Mordru, who attempts to kill all the agents of the Lords of Chaos and Order and claim Fate's artifacts for himself.[54] Jared's equipment reverts to its original forms and returns to the Tower of Fate upon his death.[55] During the Dark Nights: Death Metal storyline, Jared is briefly seen among the superheroes that were revived by Batman using a Black Lantern ring. His appearance implies he was involved as an incarnation of Doctor Fate after the New 52 although the exact history has yet to be explained.[56]

alias qartulad download

Huggy does not make an appearance in this chapter, but is instead mentioned in the second tape discussing Experiment 1006, in which he was confirmed to be a different entity, as he went with the alias Experiment 1170 instead. He also is presumed to make a comeback, as inside the Water Treatment zone, a vent surrounded in blood and blue fur can be seen around a specific room.


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