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Get the Memories One Piece Ringtone and Show Your Support for the Straw Hat Pirates

So now that the pieces exist, what does Armbrust hope happens to them? "We've put up posters in coffee shops with tear-off tags on them to get people downloading them, but [we want it to be] more grassroots than that," he says. "The idea is that someone is on the subway here, their phone's going to ring, and someone's going to say 'Hey, what is that? This is awesome.'"

If your song- or beep-based ringtone is starting to grate, perhaps it's time to download the "clickety-click-click of a rare Central American poison arrow dart frog," the "howl of a Mexican gray wolf" or the "bellows of an Arctic beluga whale" (descriptions from the Associated Press). Download links for each of those ringtones are below, but your phone will need to support MP3 ringtones in order for you to use them.

download ringtone memories one piece

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