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Today: Switzerland - Austria live 11 October 2023

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The species has since been reintroduced and more than 15, 000 ibex now live in the Swiss Alps. Hikers may also encounter chamois, another goatlike animal, and marmots. The forests of Switzerland are also home to deer, rabbits, foxes, badgers, squirrels, and many bird species. GOVERNMENTThe country is made up of 26 cantons or states, which form the confederation. The leader of the government is the president. Both the president and vice president are elected by the Federal Assembly from the Federal Council. To get help with moving to Switzerland from the leading international moving companies, you can get a free quote at Sirelo. Obtaining a Swiss Residence Permit After receiving your Swiss long-stay visa (for non-EU/EFTA nationals) the next step towards immigrating to Switzerland is getting your residence permit. Everyone has to apply for a residence permit if they want to move to Switzerland, even EU/EFTA nationals. You apply for a residence permit at the cantonal immigration office of the canton you want to immigrate to. To learn how to move to Switzerland from the US, visit the article. How to move to Switzerland from Canada? How to Move to Switzerland? To move to Switzerland you must go through these two steps: Apply for either a Swiss work visa, study visa or family visa. Get the appropriate residence permit. Get the Swiss C Residence Permit (the permanent residence permit). Applying for a Swiss Long Stay Visa The most common reasons people immigrate to Switzerland is for work, studying, or joining a family member/spouse. As such, you will have to apply for the appropriate visa before moving to Switzerland. The Switzerland Work Visa is for immigrants who want to take up work as employees in Switzerland. You will normally need a work contract with a Swiss employer before you can apply. The Switzerland Student Visa is for foreigners who have been admitted into a Swiss educational institution. You need to have a certificate of enrollment before you can apply. The Switzerland Family Reunion Visa is for foreigners who want to move to Switzerland to join a family member (spouse or parent) who is a permanent resident or citizen of Switzerland. The Swiss retirement visa is issued to retired foreigners who want to move to Switzerland, and have enough funds to support themselves. Each visa has its own conditions, requirements, and restrictions. Austria Team | Aut | Match, Live Score, NewsAustriaAutITAMatch abandoned without a ball bowledSCOT232/2Aut(16. 3/20 ov, T:233) 66Scotland won by 166 runsAut97/9DEN(12. 4/20 ov, T:98) 98/2Denmark won by 8 wickets (with 44 balls remaining)IRE226/4Aut(18. 4/20 ov, T:227) 98Ireland won by 128 runsAut83GER(10. 1/20 ov, T:84) 86/1Germany won by 9 wickets (with 59 balls remaining)Aut104/9JER(9. 2/20 ov, T:105) 106/2Jersey won by 8 wickets (with 64 balls remaining)IOM(11/20 ov) 71/5AutNo resultAut137IOM(19. 4/20 ov, T:138) 140/5Isle of Man won by 5 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)Aut149/5IOM(19. They serve a one-year term. Elections are usually held in December. Representatives of the cantons are elected to the assembly for four-year terms. HISTORYSwitzerland was formed in 1291 as a union of three states and became an independent country in 1815. The constitution, adopted in 1848, does not allow for troops to be sent to serve in foreign wars. Map created by National Geographic MapsPEOPLE & CULTURESwitzerland is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. The Swiss are well known for their watches and clocks. There is not a single official language in Switzerland. People speak one of several languages, including Swiss German, French, and Italian. NATUREThe Swiss Alps are high, snow-covered mountains most of which are over 13, 000 feet (4, 000 meters). The most famous peak is the Matterhorn which is 14, 692 feet (4, 478 meters) tall, but the highest peak is Dufourspitze at 15, 203 feet (4, 634 meters). Scientists are concerned that glaciers in the Swiss Alps have lost a lot of ice coverage in the past 40 years. This may be related to global climate change. Rapid melting of the glaciers could cause flooding to the villages below. Most animals in Switzerland live in the mountains. The ibex, a species of mountain goat, was hunted to near extinction in the early 1800s. To that end, it has imposed strict annual limitations in regards to how many residence and work permits it grants to non-EU/EFTA citizens. Furthermore, if you are not an EU/EFTA citizen, you will most likely need to apply for a Swiss long-stay (national) visa to be allowed entry to the country in the first place. Only after you receive your long-stay visa, you can enter Switzerland and proceed to apply for a Swiss residence permit. Switzerland consists of 26 cantons who are responsible for issuing residence permits and work authorisation to the immigrants who want to take up residency in that particular canton. You must apply for a residence permit within 14 days of entering Switzerland. Typically, immigrants who want to move to Switzerland for the first time will be issued one of the following residence permits: Permit L This is a Swiss permit for short-term residence, valid for up to one year. It can be renewed, but only to a maximum of 24 months. The Swiss L Permit is issued to immigrants who move to Switzerland to work in a specific job or company. If you have the L permit and wish to change jobs, you may not receive a new permit. Permit B The Swiss B Permit is for initial or temporary residence. Austria Live - Friendlies: Football Scores & Highlights Eurosport is your source for the latest Friendlies match updates. Get the full recap of Switzerland - Austria, complete with stats and highlights. Moving to Switzerland - How to Immigrate to Switzerland? EU/EFTA citizens do not need a visa for entering Switzerland, but they do need to register and apply for a Swiss residence permit if they want to live there ...


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