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Joe grew up as a cradle Catholic in Seven Hills, Ohio. His parents focused regularly on going to mass and praying together each night. After graduating from a public high school, he sought to discover a deeper meaning to the faith at the University of Dayton. Upon receiving a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, his faith blossomed into becoming part of his main identity. The Marinist Catholic institution provided him with the tools to set his faith into action at his own home parish back home at St.Columbkille. Although focused on evangelizing Cleveland, he still never forgets each person who helped him to get to this point in life. Along with leading Catching Fire, he is an engineer at Energizer Inc. designing their state-of-the-art batteries. 

Joe Vicario

Outreach Director & Co-Founder

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Jimmy spent most of his time growing up in Catholic household in Seven Hills, Ohio. His parents made the faith part of his life at a young age, however it never really struck him until late in high school. After graduating high school and attending Cleveland State University, he sought a deeper purpose in life. A couple significant events in his life caused him to view life through a new lense. As a result, he found a passion for the Catholic faith in his everyday life. He now strives to use his God-given skills to make the faith real to those around him. Along with leading Catching Fire, he uses his bachelors degree in Marketing to help pave the way for the Augustine Institute. 

Jimmy Ludwig

Marketing Leader & Co-Founder


Suzanne grew up as the oldest child in a large Catholic family in Chardon, Ohio. She was blessed with amazing parents who instilled within her a deep and abiding love of the faith. After high school, she went to Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA. There she studied the liberal arts, growing in appreciation and knowledge of the faith by reading the great works of theology, philosophy, mathematics, and literature which have shaped western Christian civilization. Now Suzanne works as a financial analyst for an investment advisory firm and in her spare time enjoys growing in faith and building amazing friendships through the Catching Fire community.

Communications Manager

Suzanne Urbancic

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On Good Friday in the year of Our Lord 1998, at the pinnacle of Blockbuster's reign on the VHS rental industry, Matt Gnatowski was born. After 18 years of living in the shadow of his more talented, better looking, and smarter brother, Matt left the Cleveland area to attend The Ohio State University. While at Ohio State, Matt encountered Jesus Christ in a profound way and was a household member of Saint Paul's Outreach (SPO). A cradle Catholic, Matt's time with SPO unlocked a new appreciation for the Catholic faith, which was always in his life, but not always at the center.


Beyond Catching Fire and attempting to build a Catholic community in the Cleveland area, Matt has many interests that include: Antique cast iron skillet restoration, debating what are the best fast food menu options, critiquing Disney films, and researching Japanese steel types. His favorite Saint is Saint Francis of Assisi and his favorite book in the Bible is the Book of the Prophet Isaiah.

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Matt Gnatowski


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